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Job Interview Tips

No matter how many interviews you have been given and no matter how good you think you are at job interviews, you still need to be prepared every time. With little bit of rehearsals and preparation you can feel much more confidant about yourself and your capabilities which will eventually show in your attitude during the interview. Here are some tips for giving job interviews that can help you land in a job position you really want.


Like its said, "practice makes a man perfect", so if you practice how to respond to some common job interview questions, it will help you convey better and convince stronger. Giving examples that serve as evidence to prove your strengths in the field can promote your skills and your candidacy.

Study and prepare company information

Prepare well in advance and utilize the time you have in hand. Gather as much information as you can about the company and its business activities. Addressing the interviewer's name when responding to a question can catch his/her attention and make them notice you in a positive light.

Dress appropriately

Make sure you are appropriately dressed for the interview. You need to present yourself just as efficiently as you intend to present your portfolio and skills. Make sure to carry a pen and paper just in case you would need to jot something down. Also take copies of your resume with you.

Reach the interview location before time

Being punctual is mandatory even if you know you will need to wait in your car. You never know what might happen and you get called first. If you have never been to the place then take a drive in advance to the office. This eliminates any chances of you being late in finding the place. Also make sure on the day of the interview you leave home before time so that traffic problems don't cause any delays for you.

Control your body language

Interviewers pay special attention to your overall attitude and body language other than listening to your responses. So it is necessary to control any unpleasant body movements you are used to. Don't fidget with a pen, tie, button or a ring and don't shake your legs.

Important Tips

  1. Keep eye contact with the interviewer.
  2. Listen to the question before you answer.
  3. Pay attention to the question and take a moment to think how you are going to answer.
  4. Don't slouch, sit straight and appear well composed.
  5. Don't talk too fast or too slow to make it uncomfortable for the interviewer.
  6. Discuss and match your past accomplishments and successes to what the company is seeking in its candidates.
  7. Always thank the interviewer at the end of the interview regardless of the interview outcome.