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Do you love flying? Do you want to be a commercial pilot or an air traffic controller? Competition is fierce in the world of aviation jobs. When you are an air traffic controller the Federal Aviation Administration or the FAA is your employer.

The Nature of Air Traffic Controller Work

An air traffic controllerís job is a stressful one. They are the safety system of commercial and private planes so that everyone flies and lands safely. They coordinate movements so that aircraft stay at a safe distance from one another. All this must be done with some form of efficiency because not only is safety a concern, but so are timetables. Some air traffic controllers regulate traffic at the airport while others are responsible for designated airspaces.

The air traffic controller must use a variety of visual and radar equipment. In order to become an air traffic controller one must go to a program that is approved by the FAA and meet the minimum requirements according to Federal Law. One must pass a security screening, drug test and a physical exam.

Pilots and Flight Engineers

For a new pilot to get a job, it is best to first look into the low cost and regional airlines. Getting a position with one of the major airlines is difficult as there is much competition. Some pilots have learned to fly while they were serving in the military but others have a college degree and have got their training from a flight school that is accredited by the FAA.

Pilots can either fly helicopters or airplanes and are highly trained individuals. Aviation jobs might include flight engineers, copilots and airline pilots. They might be dust croppers, seed spreaders for the purpose of reforestation, they might test aircrafts or they may fly cargo and/or passengers. They can direct firefighters, track criminals be traffic monitors and they may be in the field of evacuating or rescuing those in trouble.

No matter what type of aviation job you are looking for, you should be aware that there is much responsibility involved and not a job to be taken lightly. In order for you to get started you should post your resume on so that prospective employers can get a look at your experience and qualifications. Once you Post resume you can then have access to the large database of aviation jobs so that you can find the one that suits you best.