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Preparing For a Job Interview

Most people make the mistake of feeling over confidant and going unprepared to a job interview. Preparing for a job interview helps candidates increase the chances of being selected. An interview is a formal process and must be taken seriously because by the end of the session, a very important decision will be taken. You have to try your best and give it your best shot to bend that decision in your favor and that is only possible by preparing for it.

How to prepare for a job interview?

Some steps have been outlined that can prepare you professionally for an interview.

Practice how to answer questions

Prepare for interview questions ahead of time. If you have applied for various jobs in companies then you should start preparing how you would be giving an interview. This will help you stay calm and relaxed instead of being nervous when you enter an interview room.

Fill up any knowledge gaps

Self-assessment helps you assess your future career objectives and analyze whether they match with your accomplishments. Incase you see any gaps in your knowledge and skills then make sure to fill the gaps up before presenting yourself for an interview.

Update your resume

If it has been quite sometime that you haven't updated your resume then do it now. Your current and recent accomplishments are the most important ones. Another important aspect is to make sure your resume appears professional and error free. Grammatical mistakes can trash your resume the minute you walk out of the interview room or maybe even before that. So once you are done updating and proofreading your resume then share it with some one you trust and have it evaluated.

Research about the company

Research about the company is very important. It is common practice for interviewers to ask candidates what they know about the company. You donít want to land up with a blank face and shrugging your shoulders with a "don't know" response. Nothing can be more embarrassing than that. Use the Internet as it makes research easy. Look up the company website and go through its pages paying special attention to the "about us" page. If you think you can go one step further and refine your knowledge then gather information about the company's leading competitors and the industry in general.

Visit the interview location in advance

Preparing for an interview also means you need to check out the location where the interview has been scheduled in advance and be there 20 minutes early on the day the interview is scheduled. Don't worry about having to sit in the car because that gives you the margin of being safe than sorry by being stuck up in a traffic jam.

Make sure you dress up like a professional

Your first impression is going to last for the first 15 minutes and probably that's also how long the interview will last. Proper dressing means dressing according to the corporate culture of that company. Don't just focus on the main dressing theme and ignore details such as your shoes and your nails. It's the whole package that matters when you present yourself.

At the end you need to prepare backup materials you think would help increase the chances of being selected. Updated copies of your resume and any recent certifications should be carried in your briefcase.

Following these simple steps can make you feel better about yourself and help you relax during an interview.