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Common Job Interview Questions

Every interviewer has a different interviewing technique and assessment criterion. However you will find some basic similarities in how interviewers judge candidates on the basis of verbal communication. Though the basic set of requirements which make a candidate suitable for a post are predefined, yet verbal communication during an interview holds a lot of significance in the final selection process. Answering questions the way they are expected to be answered is an art and must be practiced as much as possible.

Some basic questions that are commonly asked during job interviews are:

Tell me about yourself

This is the most common question that is frequently asked. Interviewers try to judge a candidate on how he perceives himself and his life. It gives them a sense of direction and highlights strengths and weaknesses of an applicant. When answering this you must not ramble or discuss unimportant aspects. Stay focused to your professional capabilities, interests and accomplishments unless you are instructed to elaborate on other areas.

Why did you quit your last job?

No matter what the truth is, try to show a positive attitude. You do not have to discuss trivial matters regarding your last job and why you left it such as a coworker fight or disagreement with your boss. Do not speak negatively about your last job's management, colleagues or even the organization. Keeping a positive attitude means that you can give reasons such as availing better opportunities.

What is your experience in this field?

Even if you don't have an experience in the field try to come as close as you possibly can to convincing them that you are ready to take a challenge. As a backup, relate past accomplishments and successful projects if you can to the field you are questioned about.

What do you know about our company?

This is something you have to actually research and not just rehearse. You need to read and study about the organization and collect as much information as you can. Use the Internet to gather information if the company has its own website. Look up information such as what the company has been doing, its current activities, its future plans, nature of its activities and its competitors.

What salary do you expect?

Its is a very tricky question. If you speak too soon you may lose an opportunity or even lose a chance to be selected. The best way out of it is not to answer it directly. You can ask in return what the salary range for the position is. If the interviewer still insists on asking you then say that it depends on the job details.

Do you think you are a successful person today?

Never say no to this question and never show you are unsure. Your answer should always be a yes and elaborate on why you think so. It's your attitude that counts and you have to adopt a positive one.

What opinion do your colleagues have about you?

Be prepared for this question. You will have to recall a coworker's name that really thinks positively about your work attitude. You can refer to a statement or a quote of a coworker who talks about your hard work, dedication and enthusiasm. Make it sound as convincing enough as the co-worker himself is actually saying it.