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Information On What To Wear To a Job Interview

The first opinion an interviewer will form about you will be based on your physical appearance. Before you open your mouth to change perspectives, the interviewer will already have half of his opinion formed about how suitable you will be for his/her company by just looking at you. This is why a proper attire and appropriate dressing is extremely important and must be chosen wisely.

Dress up formally

This is why clothes are categorized as casual and formal. Job interviews are extremely formal and structured setups and must not be taken casually. Wearing jeans to office may be fine in some scenarios but that too comes only once you are hired and have earned a stable reputation in a company. So if you are a candidate still in the process of applying then you certainly know the difference a suit makes compared to a jeans and a t-shirt.

The things that are necessary to do to be called a properly dressed candidate are:

For Men

  1. Trimmed nails: make sure your nails are clean and trimmed.
  2. Mild after-shave: do not over do the after shave.
  3. Just a wrist watch: drop out plans of wearing any heavy duty rings or chains.
  4. A professional and neat hairstyle: it should be freshly washed and appear neat.
  5. Tie : the tie should go with your suit.
  6. Belt : it should be decent and not heavily studded with stones or shine like the sun.
  7. Long sleeve shirt: preferably white.
  8. Suit that's dark grey or navy colored: solid colored suits are professional looking.
  9. Dark colored socks: don't wear pink or sky blue socks that show when you sit.
  10. Formal leather shoes: conservative style will be much better.
  11. Briefcase or portfolio: you can carry a portfolio folder or a decent looking briefcase for any documents.

For Women

Women need to follow the same basic rules of proper dressing. You will not win extra credit by wearing fashionable and showy dresses unless the job demands so. The only way you can win extra points through dressing is by appearing decent, professional and neat.

  1. Limit the jewelry: it's better not to wear any than wearing cheap jewelry or over doing it.
  2. A professional neat hair style.
  3. Neutral pantyhose.
  4. Neat and manicured nails.
  5. Conservative shoes.
  6. Mild perfume.
  7. Light and natural make up.
  8. Briefcase or portfolio.
  9. Blouse that goes with the complete attire.
  10. Suit that is grey, navy or black.
  11. A skirt that's not too short or too long. You should be able to sit down with ease in it.

What not to have:

  1. Bubble gum.
  2. Cell phone: if you really need one then switch it off before the interview begins.
  3. Beverages.
  4. Tattoos need to be covered.
  5. Wear only earrings and leave the rest of your piercing at home.

The basic rules for appropriate attire are decent, neat and professional.