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Being an attorney is a dream that many young people hold. It can be an exciting and lucrative career. It is not easy to become a lawyer. It takes schooling, interning and dedication in order to pass the bar which is the test that a law student must pass before they are officially an attorney.

Description for Attorney Jobs

An attorney is basically a mouthpiece for a person that must go before the courts. Sometimes they speak for the state in the capacity of a district attorney. They represent clients in all legal proceedings such as depositions, civil litigation and criminal proceedings. It is their job to draw up documents and legal papers. They advise their clients in legal matters and manage their court cases. There are many specialties for attorney jobs such as corporate law, financial law, general law practice and criminal law.

Training and Education Requirements for Attorney Jobs

Not only will you need a high school diploma, you will also have to graduate with a bachelorís degree from a reputable college or university. When you have completed a 4 year college program you must then go on to law school. Depending upon what field you would like to specialize in, that will guide you as to what core courses in law you should be studying.

In order to become an attorney, working at a law firm is always recommended when you are studying to take the bar. It is not an easy exam and many law books must be read, studied and understood. You can begin by working in a library at a law school, becoming a junior court clerk or take paralegal courses to aid in gathering information for the attorney.

Job Outlook for Attorney Jobs

The standard joke is that there are already too many lawyers. But those that are champions of justice and fairness feel that working as an attorney is more of a calling rather than a career. Many hours can be spent preparing for a court case, poring over law books, talking with a variety of people no matter if you think your client is guilty or not. In the United States a person is assumed to be innocent until they are proved otherwise and often it is the skill of the lawyer that allows truth to prevail.

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