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The receptionist is the first person a new client sees when they step into an office. The receptionist should be pleasant, alert and well groomed. If a visitor to this office is taken care of efficiently, they will have the impression that the company is one that is well managed. If the receptionist is rude, indifferent and sloppy, then the impression of the guest will be that the office is not well run.

Duties of a Receptionist

All that is required of a receptionist is to have a high school diploma; no college is needed. His or her most important qualities are that he or she must present a pleasant appearance. In addition to greeting clients and visitors, a receptionist typically answers the telephone, composes letters and other documents and performs a variety of tasks for the office staff. In some firms the receptionist is responsible for keeping a log of each visitor along with what time they arrived and departed.

Other duties of a receptionist might include proofreading emails, reports, and letters that are outgoing. He or she may also have to sort mail, take down a prospective client’s personal data and keep a log of the attendance of other employees. A wide range of businesses and industries require a receptionist. A receptionist job may be for a doctor, moving company or a beauty salon.

Education Requirements for a Receptionist Job A receptionist must be a people person; friendly and helpful. Receptionists need to have computer skills that might include a variety of business applications such as Pro Point and Excel experience. As we have mentioned a high school diploma is often required but may be excused if the applicant has many of the qualities for which the office is looking. Many times an office will train the receptionist on the job if she has many desirable qualities.

The first step in getting the receptionist job that will suit your skills and personality is to post resume so that an employer looking for a receptionist can see what skills you are offering. You can also browse the database looking for the ideal receptionist job in the industry or business you most prefer. Often an office job that begins with being a receptionist can lead to an advancement with continuing education and as you prove your reliability. Starting out as a receptionist can many times lead to bigger and better things and that includes your salary as well. Find your perfect receptionist job at