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Clerical Jobs

Most clerical jobs are entry level positions and are well suited to students and those without a college degree. A clerical job will often entail that you have basic computer skills and knowledge of filing, answering telephones, running errands and conveying messages both in office and out.

Choose a Field You Enjoy for Advancement

Though a clerical job is often the bottom rung of any company's ladder, it can be your starting point to something larger. If you have chosen a company or field that more than sparks your interest, by being dependable, adaptable and a good problem solver, there is always the chance for advancement.

Education is always a way to get ahead when you begin as a clerk. If you work for a financial institution, honing your skills and developing your knowledge about your business can hold you in good stead whether you stick with this company or move on to the next.

Part Time Hours are Often Available

Many times clerical jobs are the perfect stepping stone for someone that is returning to the workforce after a period of absence. This might be a stay-at-home mom whose children are off to school or ideal for someone that has decided to change their career path. Clerical jobs often have part time hours that are flexible so that you can work and still be at home for the children, go to school or just make a few extra dollars for spending money.

Clerical jobs will require that you have knowledge of the various business software programs such as Excel, Powerpoint, etc. You will need to be proficient at the keyboard and have a pleasant speaking voice when answering the telephone. You must be able to multitask and be part of a support system for the higher-ups in the office.

A Variety of Office Positions

You may clerk for a law office, doctor or dentist office or a retail outfit. You might work as a dispatcher, or for a trucking company. There is no end of office situations you might consider when you decide that the flexibility of a clerical position is what will most suit your circumstances.

You need to post your resume on our site before you can find that perfect clerical job. Once you have posted a polished resume that is sure to impress, you can access our database of clerical jobs to find the one that suits you best. Before you know it you will be behind a desk and bringing in a steady paycheck.