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Would you like to travel and see the United States? Do you love to drive? Maybe a trucking job is the perfect career step for you to take. It's great for those that don't like dealing with the public though you have to be happy being alone for long stretches of time. You get to travel across the continental United States and get paid for doing it.

Trucking Job Qualifications

Before you can get on the road you will need to get your CDL license. You will also need to attend one of the many trucking schools. There are usually a number of qualified and reputable trucking schools from which to choose no matter where you live. Typically attending trucking school is like attending any other type of trade school and if you qualify you will be able to get financing to help you cover the costs.

In order to become a trucker you will have to take a written test that covers the rules and regulations of the industry. You must be at least 21 years of age and pass a physical every two years. You must be able to hear well, have vision of 20/40 with or without corrective lenses and you are required to have a seventy degree field of vision in both of your eyes. Those that are colorblind need not apply.

Working Conditions of Trucking Jobs

Working as a trucker is not a physically demanding job in that you will not be required to unload the goods you are carrying. Being a trucker has never been more comfortable with all the technical advances such as ergonomically friendly seats along with improved ventilation. You may need to know how to use a computer in order to track inventory but this shouldn't be a problem for those that grew up in the information super highway era.

Why Choose a Truck Driving Job?

In addition to seeing many parts of the country you will not have a boss that is continuously looking over your shoulder. There are plenty of openings as there are not enough drivers to fill the need. A typical job is to drive the goods and return home often with another load. Hours are flexible and the earning potential differs with the type of company and goods you are delivering. You can strive to be an independent contractor when you have enough money to buy your own rig. If you are interested in a job in the trucking industry visit our site at and post your resume where potential employers can view it. You can also browse our job listings to find the ideal trucking job for you.