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Electrician Jobs

Becoming an electrician can be an excellent career choice for those that are mechanically inclined. The pay is good and the job outlook is excellent as a skilled electrician will always be in demand.

The Nature of Electrician Jobs

We use electricity for various needs such as heat, lights, water, etc. An electrician is the person that installs, connects and tests a variety of electrical systems in a wide range of industries. You can become a residential electrician; you can work in construction, communications, home heating and cooling or security. Whatever your area of interest or expertise is, you are sure to find electrician jobs pretty easily.

If you like working with your hands and are mechanically inclined then electrician jobs can be just the niche for which you are looking. You donít need a college education in order to become an electrician but you will need to have a high school diploma.

Training and Education for Electrician Jobs

As mentioned, an electrician is not required to have an advanced degree though he can always take courses in his specialty in order to advance. Typically an electrician to be will attend a trade school or become an apprentice to a licensed electrician in order to learn the trade. Apprenticeship programs are usually four to five years in length either sponsored by a particular industry or privately funded. If you take a formal apprenticeship program, when you have completed all the requirements you will be qualified to work in both construction and maintenance.

Electricians upon becoming licensed can join the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers or local chapters of other organizations. Being a union electrician brings along with it a range of benefits such as retirement pensions and health benefits to name just two.

An apprenticeship program requires a minimum of 144 hours of instruction in the classroom and on the job training of at least 8000 hours. You will learn to read blueprints, learn about electrical theory, code requirements, and first aid and safety practices among other topics. There is also specialty training for welding, fire alarms, elevators and cranes, etc.

Getting Electrician Jobs

Finding the position that is right for you is the first step in advancing your electrician career. You can post resume so that those looking for employees can review your skills and training. You are then welcome to browse the database looking for electrician jobs in the field that suits you best. In no time you will be bringing home a steady paycheck.