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Police Jobs

Becoming an officer of the law is a noble career choice. You are putting your life on the line to serve and protect others. Depending upon where you live, the qualifications may differ, but all will require you to have a high school diploma.


All police jobs will also require that you go through a battery of tests to ensure that you are not only physically healthy enough to carry out your duties but that your mental health is stable as well. You will go through an academy so that you can learn how to handle your weapon, deal with criminals and the general public and learn about the chain of command. You will be taught exactly how to proceed in any situation that may arise and you will learn when it is time to use and draw your weapon.

Personal Characteristics

To be a police officer you will have to be able to think on your feet and solve a variety of problems quickly. You need to be kind, compassionate yet tough and unyielding. You need to have a certain amount of courage in the face of danger and the desire to keep your area law abiding and peaceful without the use of force. You can apply for police work in a number of venues such as city police jobs, federal police, county police or state police.

There is much room for advancement when you decide upon police jobs as a career choice. Continuing education will be a must if you are to rise in the ranks. There will be a variety of tests one must take as well if you are to advance.

What to Expect

Though you may have gone into police work with noble intentions, not all the constituents will look upon you in the same light. Many people have a deep rooted prejudice against police officers and are not always happy to see a person in uniform show up. Not all of your dealings with the public will be because of criminal activities either. You may be called upon to settle disputes between neighbors or family members, look for a child or person that is lost or has gone missing or sometimes just be a reassuring presence at large event or gathering.

If you think you have what it takes or the training to work in police jobs, post resume so that you may search our database for positions that support your skills. Prospective employers can also browse your information and can contact you if they are interested in what you can provide for them.