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Choosing to be a medical assistant can be a fulfilling career choice for many people. There are never enough medical assistants to fill all the positions that are open. Though you don’t have to have to take a program as heavy as if you were to be a nurse, you do need to have some professional training.

The Nature of Medical Assistant Jobs

When you take a medical assistant job your responsibilities are to aid the physician usually by performing basic tasks related to administration and clinical duties. Medical assistants can work in a variety of venues such as healthcare clinics, hospitals and physicians’ offices. They are usually hired in order to help things run efficiently and smoothly.

Depending upon where a person works, duties may vary from place to place. There are medical assistants that work with lab and patients only while others are in charge of answering phones, bookkeeping and dealing with medical records of patients. Often in a small office a medical assistant will handle all tasks mentioned.

Education Requirements for Medical Assistant Jobs A medical assistant must have a high school diploma. Sometimes a job will offer on the job training but most employers will prefer to hire someone that has had some formal training or education in the field of medicine. There are many courses that can teach one how to perform well in their preferred field. Prospective medical assistants can check out vocational schools that typically offer a 1 year program with the end result being a diploma or certificate. A community college typically offers 2 year programs that will result in an associate’s degree.

Medical assistants can learn lab techniques, first aid and clinical procedures. The course work usually includes medical terminology, medical ethics, physiology and anatomy. A medical assistant typically gives injections, checks patients’ blood pressure and other vital signs and drawing blood for tests.

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