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Being a travel agent is a dream job. You get to work with people, exotic destinations and can travel at deeply discounted prices. It is an exciting field and even with the ease of booking vacations on the internet, there are some things that only a travel agent can do.

Nature of the Work

A travel agent sells and plans accommodations and transportation for customers that want to travel whether for business or pleasure. They determine the best modes of transportation, the costs and the destination that will best meet your needs.

They will figure out the cost of your entire vacation and look for discounts that will save you money by bundling your services such as hotel accommodations, airfare or ground fare, car rental and sometimes even book your excursions. They have an insiderís knowledge of what the best accommodations and times of year to travel are and they are a wealth of information for just about any destination to which you might be heading.

Requirements for Travel Jobs

You have to like people and places in order to be a travel agent. You will need excellent computer and communication skills in order to assist your customers. Most of a travel agents training comes on the job and often the minimum requirement will be a high school diploma. Some agencies prefer an applicant with a college degree and if you have travel or business experience, it will be a plus. You will need to learn how to use the reservation systems in order to book your clientís itinerary.

You might also check into a vocational school where you can take specific courses that train you to work in the travel industry. Sometimes you can even find courses offered by your local continuing education provider. Some colleges offer degrees in travel and tourism and it is a good rule of thumb to learn all that you can about the industry as this will hold you in good stead when you are applying for travel jobs.

Your first order of business in order to land travel jobs is to post a resume on Your resume will be in full view to a myriad of prospective employers looking to fill travel job positions. Once your resume is posted, you now have access to the large database that contains a wide variety of travel jobs and positions with travel agencies. In no time you will be interviewing and bringing home a paycheck.