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Scientist Jobs

The field of science is wide open. There are a number of positions that one might hold when they decide upon science as their career. It is a job that requires precision and excellent math skills. It also takes an inquisitive mind and the ability to work on one’s own.

Life Scientist Jobs

There are a number of areas that one may delve into when they decide upon life science as a career choice. Scientists can go into agriculture or food science, biology, conservation and forestry or medical science. Those that choose the field of food or agricultural science are often employed by local, State or the Federal government agencies. Any science job will demand that you have at least a bachelor’s degree in your favorite area of science.

Physical Scientist Jobs

The physical sciences are also a broad field in which to work. You may be interested in atmospheric science which is weather, become a chemist, pharmacist or materials scientist. You may be more interested in the science of the environment or seek to become a hydrologist. You can be a geoscientist and predict earthquakes, be a physicist or aim higher and become an astronomer and study the stars and the planets. Environmental scientists will be in high demand in the future as the focus on climate change and greenhouse gases is on everyone’s minds these days and alternative energy sources will need to be found.

Social Science Jobs and Related Occupations

Science is not always performed in a laboratory setting. You might become an economist, work in the field of mental health, research and development in a number of areas or be a market and survey researcher. You may decide to work in the field of regional or urban planning.

You can also work as a science technician in any one of the above mentioned fields. A career in science is often a worthy endeavor as you seek to find answers to a myriad of problems.

You can start your career in science by posting your resume on so that employers that are looking to fill positions can get a look at your qualifications, education and experience. Once your resume is posted you have access to our large database of science jobs so that you can pick and choose the right position for your skills. In no time at all you will be gainfully employed at a job that is just perfect for you.