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Choosing a career as a dental assistant can be quite a rewarding job. Dental assistants have many responsibilities. They may schedule appointments, order supplies, and locate the patient's records when they are expected for an appointment.

Further Duties of a Dental Assistant

Dental assistants prepare the patient for the dental exam. When the patient is ready to be worked on the dental assistant must hand the materials and tools to the dentist as they are needed. They are the ones that suctions the saliva so that the patient's mouth stays dry, take X-rays of patients teeth, and the dental assistant may be the one to take teeth or mouth impressions of patients. Other duties might include mixing the materials needed for filling or cleaning teeth, sterilizing the instruments and developing X-rays.

Dental assistants need to enjoy working with people. If you are squeamish, then perhaps a dental assistant job is not for you. You will be dealing with blood, drilling and other types of dental procedures. A sympathetic manner will also be appreciated by patients when they are having a painful procedure.

Dental Assistant Job Qualifications

To begin, you will need to have a high school diploma. To be truly effective you may want to take college courses in office management, health, chemistry and biology. You may be able to learn your skills with on the job training if it is offered.

If you want to be hired quickly you may want to take some courses that are specifically geared to potential dental assistants. You can find a program at a variety of schools such as technical institutes, vocational schools and college programs. Programs typically last from one to two years and upon completion you will receive an associate's degree or obtain certification. You may also want to further your chances as a dental assistant by becoming registered or licensed.

Dental Assistant Job Outlook

With proper training and further experience there is room for advancement in a dental assistant job. This field is expected to grow and many more qualified dental assistants will be needed. If helping others is something that appeals to you, you may do well by taking a this type of job. The first step you need to take in order to realize your dream is post your resume on so that a variety of dentists can look over your qualifications to see if you are a good fit for their office. You can also browse the dental assistant listings to see if there is a job opening in your area that you would enjoy.