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Warehouse Jobs

Warehouse jobs are perfect for those people that are detail oriented and like to stay active. There are many different types of warehouse jobs from which to choose that range from packing to controlling inventory. It is a wide open field and those that opt for a warehouse job can choose the ideal niche for their tastes and abilities.

Warehouse Job Qualifications

More than likely you will need a high school diploma or a high school equivalency diploma in order to get hired. Much of your education and training is typically on the job but if you want to advance you may need to take some college courses depending upon which position you want. You will need to be able to lift heavy objects, perhaps require a forklift license and have no disabilities that prohibit your range of motion.

Expect your day to be strenuous with the possibility of walking long distances. If you are going to be working at the loading platform you can expect to be exposed to a wide range of weather patterns and if you are to be working in a refrigerated warehouse you will need to wear heavy clothing.

Warehouse Job Details

Working in a warehouse will mean you receive, ship and store goods. You can work in a specialty warehouse such as frozen foods and warehouses that are bonded. You will have to track the merchandise along with loading and unloading it. Depending upon where you work your job duties will differ.

When merchandise is delivered to a warehouse it must be unloading by hand or in some cases with forklifts. You may load and unload goods on automated equipment such as automated high stackers, equipment that handles materials or on a conveyor belt. You may hold the position of warehouse stock clerk where you will keep a record of all merchandise that comes in and goes out of the warehouse. You may be an order filler or one that assembles goods for shipments leaving the warehouse. You might deliver the merchandise to a loading platform or the shipping room.

There is plenty of room for advancement when you take a starting position at a warehouse job. You may strive to achieve such positions as warehouse manager, materials manager or a team leader. Your first step is to post your resume so employers can get a firsthand look at where you have worked in the past and what skills you are offering. Browse our section on warehouse jobs to see if the ideal position is listed for you.