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Many Nursing Opportunities

There are many areas of expertise in the field of nursing and many flexible options. You can have a permanent position in a hospital or doctor's office, you can work per diem or as a traveling nurse. You might work with children, geriatrics or work with hospice care, a very special area of expertise. There is no end to the possibilities when you decide to pursue nursing as a career.

Because of the scarcity of nurses, many hospitals will pay registered nurses as well as their travel expenses to come and check out their hospitals. They will offer many incentives to get qualified personnel working at their hospitals.

Education Needed for Nursing Jobs

You will of course need a high school diploma before you begin seeking nursing education opportunities. Candidates for a nursing career will have to attend an accredited nursing school or program. Becoming accredited by such institutions as NLNAC or CCNE allows potential nurses a much higher degree of credibility.

Some nursing schools require applicants to take a test called the National League for Nursing Pre-admission Exam. Personal skills needed are patience, staying cool, calm and collected in a crisis, people, organizational and leadership skills, compassion, problem solving skills and flexibility coupled with a sense of humor.

There are three degrees you can receive when attending nursing school. You can become a Licensed Practical Nurse or an LPN, a Registered Nurse or RN or a BSN, the highest degree of the three. You may also be required to attend continuing education courses in order to keep your license current depending upon the state where you practice. Classes required range from mathematics, science, English, and a GPA between 2-0 and 3.25 depending upon which school you attend.

Why Become a Nurse

For many people in the field of nursing, caring for patients is reward enough. There is great flexibility in nursing jobs and salaries and benefits are excellent. There are many reasons to become a nurse from professional satisfaction to job security. Why not post resume at to give hospitals and doctors a chance to look over your qualifications. You can browse the site for a nursing job that will suit your personal characteristics and professional aspirations.