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Insurance Jobs

When you decide you want to become part of the insurance industry there are a wide variety of positions you might hold. It is a field where you will need to have excellent customer relation skills, be able to work on a computer and depending upon which area of expertise you choose, perhaps some marketing skills as well. The job outlook for a career in insurance is fair as no matter how rich or poor a client may be, if they own a car or a home they will need to have an insurance policy to cover it.

Insurance Underwriters

An insurance underwriter does application evaluations for policies. Their job is to assess the level or risk of the property or person that is applying in relation to the company. Underwriters typically specialize in one of 3 areas. They are health, liability and property and life insurances. To be an insurance underwriting typically hire those with some college such as courses that pertain to insurance, business, statistics and math. You will start out as a junior underwriter or a trainee and many of the larger insurance companies offer programs for career training.

Insurance Broker and Agent

An insurance agent is responsible for finding clients in order to sell them an insurance policy. An agent will assist you in choosing the ideal policy for your requirements. They will write the policies and explain in detail what you can expect should you need to make an insurance claim. Agents must be available to clients in order to assist them in claim filings and answering any questions they may have regarding their policy.

Insurance companies usually prefer a college graduate and on the job training is necessary for beginners. You must pass a test in order to sell insurance and agents and brokers must be state licensed. If you are planning to sell securities or mutual funds, you will need to get a separate license for that from the state.

If you are planning a career in the insurance industry your first step is to post resume on so that employers can get a look to see if you are a possible candidate for any job openings in the insurance field. You are then free to browse all the insurance job listings to see if any of them match your skills and education. Working in the field of insurance can be a lucrative career if your selling skills are stellar. You will meet a wide variety of people when you work in the insurance industry. It may be the perfect career for your personality and expertise.